Experimental Pathology Laboratories, Inc. (EPL) is an independent, private, employee-owned company that is recognized internationally for its ability to meet the needs of the scientific community and the challenges of preclinical safety testing and development with high quality histopathology services.  EPL was founded in 1971, and became an employee-owned company in 1992.  EPL is proud of its scientific heritage, and the experience gained from providing service to the private sector, governmental agencies, academia, and other clients for nearly 50 years.  As an employee-owned company, EPL creates value for its employees through organizational and business success, while avoiding the bureaucratic complications associated with complex corporate structures and the external financial pressures experienced by publicly traded entities.

EPL services are, by design, more highly focused than those of a full-service contract research organization (CRO). Consequently, we are able to leverage a unique combination of responsive, personal attention and extensive histopathology expertise.  EPL personnel include over 100 highly trained and experienced anatomic veterinary pathologists, toxicologists, histotechnologists, technical personnel, and dedicated quality assurance staff.  Our efficiently designed and well-equipped laboratory facilities allow us to offer a broad variety of technical services that support a wealth of research activities.  Regardless of the location, scope, or time-sensitive needs of a study, EPL offers the benefits of a classic “scale without mass” approach – delivering the highest level of scientific quality in the most cost-effective manner.

Two examples of EPL services that benefit from an independent and objective approach are Pathology Peer Reviews and Pathology Working Groups.

Pathology Peer Review – Generally considered more objective than in-house reviews, third-party peer review has become the de facto industry gold standard for augmenting the quality of histopathologic evaluations.  Whether conducted at your facility or at a CRO, using EPL to perform third-party peer review for your studies offers many advantages and adds value to the study when it is ultimately reviewed by regulatory agencies in the United States, Europe, and/or Asia.  Benefits include improved data accuracy and consistency, solidified data interpretation, enhanced reviewer credibility, and increased study sponsor confidence.  These gains may result in reduced time to regulatory approval, the product of which is a faster return on investment.

Pathology Working Group (PWG) – A PWG is a panel of expert pathologists assembled to review select histologic slides and associated data in order to answer specific questions and provide an independent unbiased opinion regarding the results of a particular study, group of studies, or focused scientific topic.

PWG reviews may be convened by study sponsors, consortia, or regulatory agencies.  Members of the PWG typically originate from academia, government, and industry, and panelists are selected based on their experience in toxicologic pathology, as well as their expertise in the specific target area of interest.

EPL pathologists have extensive experience in both chairing and participating in PWG reviews.  EPL has organized PWGs in various worldwide locations, and can coordinate all aspects of the PWG, simplifying the process and saving time and resources for all parties involved.  An EPL pathologist, serving as an independent chairperson, conducts the PWG and is responsible for the preparation of the final report signed by the participating pathologists.  EPL can also represent the expert panel and assist with scientific discussions at regulatory agency hearings.  Upon request, the PWG Chairperson may prepare a manuscript of the PWG proceedings and conclusions for submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

These are just a few illustrations of ways in which EPL can offer an independent, objective and unbiased approach to solving study problems, with the ultimate goal of providing the highest quality histopathology services available.

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