Summary of Services

EPL’s board-certified pathologists are proficient in a wide range of organ systems and study types, ensuring your research needs are met to the highest quality standards and that your data are accurate and interpreted according to current published criteria. Our pathologists can also provide expert assessments of medical device experiments, aquatic and avian studies, and ultrastructural investigations, to mention just a few specialty areas. Please contact us to discover how our services can enhance your program, or click on the specific item from one of the boxes below to learn more about individual services.

Aquatic and Avian Animal Pathology

EPL has expertise in the post-mortem diagnostic evaluation of various aquatic animal and avian species, including laboratory animals used for toxicologic testing and wild animals collected to evaluate the effects of xenobiotics on organisms in natural waterways.

Image Analysis & Stereology

EPL has expertise and experience in image analysis and stereology of various measurement parameters performed on digital images of histologic specimens.

Organ-based and Therapeutic-based Expertise

EPL has highly experienced pathologists with a wide range of expertise encompassing all organ systems in most animal species used in investigative and pre-clinical safety assessments.

Pathology Working Groups

EPL is a nationally and internationally recognized organizer and provider of Pathology Working Groups (PWG), a specialized type of review.

Peer Reviews

EPL provides routine peer reviews, a specialized type of third-party review assuring accuracy and data quality in a toxicology study.

Research Animal Models

EPL pathologists have a wide range of experience and expertise in animals routinely used in research providing scientific and technical collaborations.

Toxicologic Pathology, Carcinogenicity and Chronic Studies

EPL can aid with all aspects of toxicologic pathology including carcinogenicity testing including the commonly used rodent bioassays and rasH2 transgenic mouse model.

Transmission Electron Microscopy

EPL can provide technical support and pathology-related expertise for your electron microscopy needs.

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