With the processing of up to 50,000 tissues per month, and projects regularly flowing in and out of our labs, histology scheduling at EPL is a continual process. Recognizing that the project timeline, in addition to quality and expertise, is one of the most important factors to our clients, we’re providing the following tips on the items and information that will help to ensure the best possible timeline for a histology project.

At the time of request, the following items will allow us to provide an accurate quote, and a reliable estimate for the timeline:

-Protocol, study directive, or outline providing the species, # of animals, tissue list, and regulatory status.

-Projected timeframe for the project, along with any requested timing for slide/sample availability.

-Any special instructions for trimming, blocking, special stains or techniques, otherwise we will follow EPL standards.

When the histology project is authorized, the following information will allow us to set up our internal paperwork and systems, receive the tissue samples, and begin processing in the anticipated timeframe:

-Signed protocol or study directive and all available amendments at the time.  Any additional amendments may be forwarded as they become available.

-Please provide the Study Director contact information, along with any alternative contact. Please also include contact information for the recipient of the slide/sample shipment, including name, address, phone number and email address.

-Any special instructions should be outlined in the protocol, otherwise we follow EPL SOPs.  If following EPL SOPs, please reference this in the protocol.

-The protocol should state if a QA in-phase inspection is required.  The protocol should also state if a histology report is required.

-Before tissue samples arrive at EPL, please forward animal numbers, fates, and necropsy records as soon as available.

-Inform EPL of target tissues and any changes as soon as possible (by email, with a follow up amendment whenever available).

The above information covers the basic items that will help us to schedule and maintain the quickest possible timeline for a histology project. Communication is a key to success and we’re always happy to discuss any of these items in further detail.

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