EPL offers high-quality immunohistochemical labeling services for many types of applications. We support the development of novel procedures or optimizing existing protocols, from routine chromogenic markers to multiplex epifluorescent labeling. In addition, EPL can work with a variety of specimen types and preservation techniques. Please consider EPL for your next immunohistochemistry project.

PCNA IHC of fish tissues

We offer support in the development of novel immunohistochemistry protocols, or the optimization of existing protocols, for all target antigens, species, and tissue types. Our efforts often involve serial antibody dilutions, various antigen retrieval methods, and troubleshooting procedures. Optimized protocols are then used for subsequent staining of your study samples. Our DAKO® autostainers provide for IHC labeling of paraffin-embedded and frozen tissue sections from various species. EPL is equipped for high throughput processing while sustaining superior quality preparation of both frozen and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues to slides. Immunohistochemical (IHC) and immunofluorescent (IF) assays conducted at EPL can be performed using an autostainer or manually (e.g., on a slide or as free-floating thick sections). EPL’s autostainer is an open system with flexible programming that allows an unlimited number of protocols, each containing up to 35 steps, 64 reagents, and 48 slides per batch. This system enables us to automate staining methods, allowing for consistent and dependable results. EPL staff routinely reviews the latest literature for information instrumental in developing the most current, expedient, and cost-effective assay procedures and works closely with antibody manufacturers and clients to ensure that study objectives are understood and production goals are met on time. EPL validates antibody performance on a per study, vendor, and lot basis. Unless otherwise requested, all IHC/IF assay optimization procedures are fully documented according to EPL Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and performed following Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines.

We have developed standardized protocols for a number of antibodies, with some examples listed below:
CD8 (OX-8)
Complement C3
Cyclin D1
Cytokeratin (WSS)
Factor VIII

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