Avian pathology

EPL has expertise in the post-mortem diagnostic evaluation of a variety of aquatic animal and avian species, including laboratory animals used for toxicologic testing, and wild animals collected to evaluate the effects of xenobiotics on organisms in natural waterways. Typical aquatic animals used in laboratory experiments include small aquarium fishes such as the Japanese medaka, guppy, zebrafish, and fathead minnow, larger fish such as rainbow trout, and amphibians such as the leopard frog and the African clawed frog.  Wild aquatic animals evaluated in survey studies have included numerous additional species of freshwater, euryhaline, and marine fish (to date, EPL has participated in studies involving over thirty different fish species).  EPL has also developed proficiency in the preparation and examination of tissues from Coturnix (Japanese) quail, domestic chickens and turkeys, and mallard ducks.

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