EPL’s highly experienced pathologists have a wide range of expertise encompassing all organ systems in most animal species used in discovery/investigative studies and pre-clinical safety assessments.  Many of our pathologists are co-authors on the International Harmonization of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria (INHAND) published guides. From research animal models used in therapeutic areas to specific-target organ toxicities, EPL has expert pathologists to facilitate your needs.

Areas of expertise include but are not limited to:
Aquatic endocrine disruptor studies
Cardiovascular system
Dermal pathology
Enhanced histopathology for developmental immunotoxicology testing
Female reproductive system
Fetal and neonatal histopathology for evaluation of developmental alterations
Hepatobiliary system
Lymphoid system (Thymus, lymph node, spleen, bone marrow)
Male reproductive system
Nervous system (CNS and peripheral)
Ocular pathology
Renal system
Skeletomuscular system (bone and joints)

EPL pathologists have extensive expertise in the evaluation of respiratory tract tissues in animals exposed to chemicals and compounds via inhalation and other exposure routes.

EPL understands the need for, and the essence of, a variety of exposure models (e.g., nose-only, whole-body, intra-nasal droplets or spray, intra-tracheal, and laryngeal aspiration). At inhalation study necropsies, our technical and professional staff ensure that lungs are instilled with fixative at a constant and uniform pressure, allowing for the appropriate expansion of alveoli and the uncompromised observation of important alveolar structures. We understand that appropriate and consistent methods of histologic preparation of the nose, larynx, and lung are critical for obtaining optimal sections for the evaluation of treatment-related effects that often occur maximally at specific anatomical sites.

EPL’s pathology staff have published seminal review papers on nasal and laryngeal effects of toxicants.  Altogether, our pathologists have authored and co-authored over 150 papers, abstracts, book chapters, and presentations related to inhalation toxicologic pathology. EPL pathologists were the primary contributors of two CD-ROMs on Respiratory Tract Collection (dogs and rodents). These resources provide a comprehensive summary of the most commonly used methods to prepare the nose, larynx, and lung for pathologic evaluation. These resources are available here.

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