Companies who outsource the histopathology component of their valuable studies need to know that the work will be performed to the highest quality standards, on time, and at competitive prices.  Although claims of quality are easily made, true quality can be a difficult metric to gauge.  So let’s look at the evidence.

Unlike its few competitors, EPL has established a 45-year track record of proven performance.  Strategically located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, northern Virginia near Dulles Airport, Seattle, San Francisco, Indianapolis, and Philadelphia, EPL is an employee-owned brick and mortar business that is not beholden to external stockholder expectations; nor are we impacted or distracted by acquisitions or harmonization efforts.  EPL’s ideal size of approximately 110 employees provides us with the capacity and flexibility to handle large complex projects with rapid turnaround times, while concurrently offering personalized service.

When experience matters, it can be reassuring to know that EPL is managed, supervised, and marketed by on-site pathologists who are recognized industry leaders with global reputations.  Active in professional societies, committees, and workshops, many EPL pathologists excel not only in the field of general toxicologic pathology, but also in areas of special expertise such as clinical pathology, renal pathology, immunopathology, ocular pathology, cardiovascular pathology, neuropathology, medical device work, transgenic rodent studies, morphometric analyses, and ecotoxicological and aquatic animal pathology.  In addition, technically advanced services such as immunohistochemistry, image analysis, and stereology are routinely available.

Through the use of specialized software and other established systems, EPL has unparalleled experience conducting pathology peer reviews and Pathology Working Groups for government and industry clients in the United States and abroad.

Our expert toxicology consultants at EPL’s Aclairo Pharmaceutical Development Group provide valuable services for pharmaceutical development that include preclinical study planning and management, study monitoring, scientific and regulatory writing, data interpretation, and preclinical ADME and clinical pharmacology.

EPL’s highly regarded full-service histology laboratories are staffed by teams of skilled technicians, the majority of whom are HTL certified.  Unlike most facilities, EPL staff perform 100% quality control audits of all slides produced, which is one reason why our laboratories have become synonymous with quality.  We have talented professionals poised to provide necropsy support at your facility, and courier service is available.

Finally, our knowledgeable and thorough Quality Control and Quality Assurance Units help to ensure that your studies are conducted to the highest GLP standards.  While other companies come and go, EPL remains your preferred provider for all your histopathology services.

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